Sick Bank

The bargaining contract with the Lynnfield School Committee has a provision for a Sick Leave Bank. Membership in the Sick Leave Bank is voluntary and qualifications for potential new members are listed in Article V, Section F of the Lynnfield School Committee/ Lynnfield Teachers Association Agreement.

To initially join the Sick Bank, a member must have professional status and must have accumulated at least twenty (20) sick leave days prior to the beginning of the school year.

Membership shall continue from year to year unless a member chooses, in writing, to withdraw from the Sick Bank prior to the end of the first four weeks after the first day of any school year.

Each member will donate one day of his sick leave annually to the Sick Bank; provided that, effective September 1, 1991, only each new teacher and a teacher joining the Bank for the first time shall donate one day from his sick leave to the Sick Bank. However, whenever the number of days in the Sick Bank is reduced to less than one hundred (100) days, each member shall be required to contribute an additional day.

Application to the Sick Bank shall be made in writing.

If you wish to join, please complete the form below and return to the Business Office as soon as possible.

Sick Bank Leave Application Form